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Why us?

As specialists in strategic procurement & supply management, we leverage potential and increase your profit


In many companies great potential is hidden in procurement. As specialists in strategic procurement and supply management, we find this potential and enable you to use it. This enables you to increase the profit and efficiency of your company.

Nevertheless: we are the specialists who also have an overview of the whole. The basis for this is, on the one hand, our experience, which leads to a wide range of topics within procurement. On the other hand, our holistic mission statement is essential, on which our approach and our concepts are based.


Success through our experience, a unique mix of many years in both consulting and senior management


We have a unique mix of experience from senior management functions and top management consulting companies. Unlike other purchasing consultancies, we are not only consultants, but - if necessary - also interim managers. For this we have the necessary experience that distinguishes us. It is therefore easy for us to compare the relevant aspects of possible solutions and to avoid cumbersome ways. We know what works in practice.

Most of our consultants have at least 10 years of professional experience. Our senior consultants have more than 25 years of professional experience, including more than 15 years of experience in management and leadership functions in procurement both for medium-sized and large companies. This gives us a long track record of projects in a variety of industries. We have proven ourselves as line managers in critical situations such as the successful turn-around of the HypoRealEstate. After all, as a management team, we have a great deal of international experience and the respective professional network.

Above all: When we speak of experience, we mean the personal experience of the consultants who actually support your project.


Change becomes easy through our approach: pragmatic and appreciative

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Improvement always means change. However, there is hardly any change in a company that does not encounter resistance to change. In these situations we see ourselves as real team players, because the respectful handling of arguments and counter-arguments brings the best solution. With this management approach, necessary changes will be easy for your employees.

We are convinced that work should be meaningful and should be fun. Those who know us say that we not only have an open-minded and friendly way of interacting with people, but also a good sense of humor.
When searching for the best solution, our motto is that we tell our client honestly what we think - meaning: "what goes well and what we think is not so good". We are convinced that this is what distinguishes us, because our purely virtual organizational form gives us a special degree of independence. We believe that this also makes us more pragmatic than others.

We achieve long-term effects through our holistic concepts

Screenshot 2 High-Achievement-Sourcing.j

Our concepts, which guide ourselves, are based on our mission statement, and hence, are holistic. We are procurement experts, but we always keep an eye on the entire company. As a result, we achieve long-term effects.


On the one hand, our concepts give us orientation by containing a clear basic understanding of what constitutes a performance-oriented procurement and supply management organization. On the other hand, we have tools ready for key situations – just comparable to a craftsman: we know where we are looking and how we are going to tackle the issue. Nevertheless, we are flexible enough to deal with each situation individually.
When it comes to savings, we compare the potential of quick wins with long-term effects and the total cost of ownership perspective. We see to what extent measures actually result in ebit effects. In contract negotiations, we keep an eye on the feasibility of regulations. And when it comes to supplier management and development, we take the requirements of your entire company into account. We go much further and our work is much more effective in the long term as compared to simple price reduction projects.
Based on our experience and in coordination with the client, we use exactly those elements of our concepts that fit and combine them with the knowledge and the existing tools of our client. That way, we were able to achieve an exceptional performance for many clients.

Tailor-made solutions & custom project implementations

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Every project is different, every customer is different. Some projects require a very intensive five-day work on site, other projects can be worked on remotely with individual days, or project effort needs to be flexible in order to be successful. It is often unclear how long something will take and which resources will be required. We discuss these boundary conditions with you before starting a project. In contrast to the majority of other consulting firms, our virtual organization enables us to fully engage with it.

In other words, we don't send large, expensive teams to you if you don't need them.


Our outstanding

price-performance ratio


We do not have an expensive back office. Therefore, we can offer our high-quality services at very good conditions. We have highly qualified, experienced managers and consultants for your projects at costs that are well below what you pay for junior consultants at large consulting or interim management companies.

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