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Cost efficieny is more than just cost reduction - it means to get the right product and service for the most competitive, long-run sustainable price.


Cost Reduction & Cost Efficiency

Procurement Restructuring for a Plant & Machinery Manufacturer

A leading plant & machinery manufacturer was facing fierce competition and had an uncompetitive cost base.


We defined and implemented cost efficiency levers in a long-run sustainable manner and redesigned the following areas: strategy, cost reduction, negotiation, supplier management, information & performance management and organisation and change management.


Cost Reduction Achieved: 10%

Global Cost Optimization for an international IT-Group

We built up the strategic sourcing activities of an IT group consisting of 60 companies being active in Europe, India, Middle East and the Americas.  Afterwards we led the function on an interim management basis.


Focus was on categories: IT-Hardware, IT-Services, Travel Expense, Telecommunication, Company Cars and Energy, including post-merger integration.


Activities included project definition, project lead, market analysis, negotiation, contracting, company-wide reporting.


Cost reduction Achieved: 25% (Managed Spend)

Improvement of Sourcing Function for a Consumer Electronics Manufacturer

We analysed the competitive situation at a company carve-out, defined and agreed-upon levers for competitive and cost improvements. Total cost performance and cost efficiency was achieved by integrating negotiation and product definition processes.


Cost Reduction Achieved: 12% (TCO)


Reorganisation & Process Optimisation

While using the High-Achievement-Sourcing approach, sourcing reorganisation and optimization means a sustainable end-to-end solution leading towards sourcing excellence.

Optimization of the procurement function for a global Telekom-Infrastructure-Provider

For leading global telecom system manufacturer and service supplier we took the project lead for a global sourcing optimisation programme.


Sub-projects included were Sourcing Processes, Project Team Building, Negotiation Techniques, Procurement Reporting, Early Involvement of Sourcing, Electronic Purchasing, Supplier Management, Payment Term Improvement.


Outstanding Achievement: Project implementation with geographical scope of Europe, USA, Latin America

Strategic Sourcing Build-up for Company Turn-around

For a company turn-around we built up the sourcing department based on a target costing and total cost of ownership approach. We introduced e-procurement on a global scale.  Part of our work was a comprehensive Business Process Outsourcing.


Outstanding Achievement: Cost Reduction € 25 Mio.

Shared-Service-Stand-alone Readiness Programme

Sourcing of thus far Shared Services from the Procurement Market (Material Groups: IT, Finance, HR, Travel; Scope: 60 Countries)


Outstanding Achievement: Successful Go-Live after 18 months


Global Sourcing, IT-Sourcing, Outsourcing

Using the advantages of globalisation while limiting its risks is key to succeed in todays business.

Global Sourcing: ODM/OEM High-Tech Supplier Development Programme Asia

We found new telecom-system suppliers for global sourcing by comprehensively auditing potential suppliers in Korea and Taiwan.

We analysed vendor potential and selected the most appropriate future strategic supplier.


Outstanding Achievement: Cutting-Edge Technology Access four our client.

IT-Sourcing: Smart Contracts Negotiation and Implementation

We led the negotiations with major IT service providers in regard to Mainframe, Server, Managed Network and End-User-Computing. We focussed these IT-contracts on value creation.


Outstanding Achievement: Cost Reduction of € 10 Mio.

Outsourcing: Near/Off-Shoring in the Automobile and Airline Industry

We developed a new, smart global governance concept for steering near-shoring and off-shoring IT-projects with team sizes of more than thousand team members.


Outstanding Achievement: Significantly increased project turn-around times and planing reliability


Procurement 4.0, Industry 4.0, AI

Procurement 4.0 is more than just designing and implementing electronic end-to-end procurement solutions. It means using the network to its full extend.

Digitalisation and stronger usage of AI are only possible by working together with the right partnering companies. Finding them and working together efficiently is  our core business.

End-to-End Process Automation

We analysed business and organisation of a global corporation. Target was to set-up an end-to-end procurement to sales solution integrating suppliers with product definition, production and customer solution.


Outstanding Achievement: Our recommendation included a low-risk approach towards a step-change end-to-end process automation.

Customization and Implementation of E-Procurement Tools

In a key project: We analysed the state of the procurement process, simplified it and introduced an appropriate e-procurement tool in a customized manner on a global scale. Full handheld access included.


Outstanding Achievement: Significant acceleration and transparency of the procurement process

Software Management as the back-bone of Procurement 4.0

Procurement 4.0 means taking full advantage of the world-wide web. We help enterprises not just to implement process automation but also to have a stable foundation for it. We bring Software Management, Software Asset Management and License Management to the State-of-Art.


Outstanding Achievement: Our client received a cost-efficient and compliance-secured best-practice basis for Industry 4.0 and Procurement 4.0.


Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence

The use of the Internet of Things (IoT) and the application of Artificial Intelligence places high demands on the respective company. What is the right strategy? Which technology and which business partnership is important? What is the return-on-investment? How does the implementation succeed? Questions that Emarticon helps to answer.

Supply-Chain Optimisation

An international leader in mechanical engineering has asked emarticon consultants to support automation of the supply chain through an IoT project. Our tasks were the structuring of the process, the selection of the required partner companies as well as the securing of a successful project implementation.


Outstanding achievement: Significant reduction of returns, removal of supply bottlenecks

Introduce Blockchain Technology

Emarticon consultants have successfully helped a section of a major international bank to test and implement a blockchain-based business model. Our task was to coordinate the target process based on the new technology and to ensure technological feasibility.

Outstanding Achievement: An enormous efficiency increase through significant reduction of the required number of business partners within the value chain.

Develop the IoT-Stratgy

Emarticon consultants assisted in the development of the IoT strategy for a leading, international major group in electrical engineering. Our task was to define opportunities and risks as well as to draw up an implementation plan for corresponding measures. Part of the implementation was accompanied by an Emarticon project manager.


Outstanding Achievement: As a result, the client successfully created a new business field.


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