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Emarticon focus topics

Emarticon is constantly working to achieve a particular depth of knowledge regarding topics that are currently of particular relevance for our clients. To deepen these topics, we have set-up partnerships with universities and other consulting firms, exchange ideas with experts and collect and evaluate the knowledge we have gained in project practice.

The following topics are currently particularly relevant for our customers:


In the financial sector:

Reduce risks through suppliers and ensure regulatory requirements (compliance with MaRisk of BaFin and EBA)

Lower risks and costs when licensing and using software under the regulatory requirements (compliance with BaFin and EBA MaRisk)

AI-based Supply-Management

AI-based Supply-Management

AI-based Supply Management.jpg

Current situation

According to the Emarticon 2021 Supply Management Survey, over 50% of managers in German corporations and medium-sized companies say that supply failures are among the top 3 business risks. The reason for this is the current situation on the world market. The risk of loss of sales or excessive procurement costs has increased significantly.

The use of artificial intelligence (AI) can help to make significantly better predictions about demand and supply risks. Other possible uses are, for example, support in selecting a provider or increasing the efficiency of procurement processes.

We support through

  • Analyze the possibilities of using AI in procurement and supply-management in your specific case,

  • Review or define and agree upon a respective AI strategy,

  • Develop the business case for corresponding investment decisions,

  • Find suitable software manufacturers and IT development partners for implementation projects,

  • Negotiate project contracts to implement the AI strategy,

  • Develop necessary process changes and customize / fine-tune the solution to your needs together with all stakeholders,

  • Rapidly demonstrate the solution performance through a well-managed implementation project

Client example & result

For example, we used AI to analyze supply risks for a leading manufacturer of semiconductor manufacturing equipment and developed a long-term strategy for applying this methodology. This significantly reduced the customer's costs. The main lever of our approach is to prevent the urgent need to procure components on the spot market.   > Read more



Current situation

The changes in the world market require that supplier portfolios and supply chains be checked.
In many companies there is no corresponding strategic process, risks are recognized too late, a pragmatic and entrepreneurial approach is missing.

We support through

  • Finding out the key risks in your supplier portfolio and your supply chain

  • Understanding the external influencing factors

  • Installing adequate KPIs (Key Performance Indicators)

  • Developing options for action

  • Supporting during implementation

  • Making periodic adjustments

  • Operationally negotiating respective supply contracts

Client example & result

For example, we checked and changed the portfolio of strategic suppliers of a "hidden champion" in medical equipment industry after agreement with all stakeholders. As a result, the security of supply in the global market was significantly increased and costs were also significantly reduced. The advantage of our approach is that the focus is always on the economic impact of opportunities and risks.


Software License Management

Software Mgmt Kopie.jpg

Current Situation

In many companies there are risks associated with licensing software through compliance violations. At the same time, many companies do not take advantage of the opportunity to use existing old licenses in new contracts. The main reasons for this are often poor coordination between buyers, lawyers and technicians, unclear processes and insufficient use of technical possibilities.

We support through

  • Checking the status of your license management processes as well as the compliance of the software usage with the purchase agreements

  • Optimizing processes and tools as well as ensuring efficient implementation

  • Conducting corresponding external contract negotiations, if necessary

Client example & result

For example, we checked the license management of a large German insurance group with regard to the software manufacturers Microsoft, SAP and Adobe. We developed measures to reduce costs and compliance risks and coordinated all aspects with the stakeholders. As a result, requests for relicensing could be avoided in contract negotiations with two manufacturers and the costs for new licenses were also reduced. In both cases, the cost savings were in the order of several million euros.




Current situation

Less than 20% of German companies are prepared with processes to ensure that suppliers comply with environmental and social standards. Irrespective of the threat of fines, violations of environmental and social standards can lead to enormous damage to the public image of any company, and thus, have tremendous down-size risks. However, in many firms inspections of the supply chain - if they take place at all - are often insufficient in scope. In addition, the implementation of the measures is often not followed up consistently.

We support through

  • Analyzing the legal and economic risks in your supply chain and your supplier portfolio

  • Working out your options for action to reduce risks and comply with legal standards

  • Identifying and coordinating suitable measures

  • Supporting during implementation

  • Performing periodic reviews

  • Prepare and conducting contract negotiations

Client example & result

For example, we analyzed the risks at suppliers in Asia for a leading German chemical company and developed proposals for the introduction of control mechanisms. This significantly reduced the risks. In addtion, the clients benefits from a positive brand image. The advantage of our approach is that measures are highly effective. We achieve this through our many years of experience in dealing with suppliers.


Cost Management

Kreditkarte Gold Kopie.jpeg

Current situation

In the current crisis, it is particularly important to reduce costs and achieve a both fast and long-term effects at the same time. Often the big levers are not seen, and hence, not used because it is difficult to question previous approaches without new impulses. It is therefore important to be clear about which potential is unused in your company and to untap it. However - new solutions appear uncertain without experience with this solution, the corresponding effort seems high and simple arguments against it prevent pursuing it any further.

We support through

  • Examining your potential to reduce costs

  • Introducing new impulses for large and long-term leverage and our experience with them

  • Developing new, intelligent and innovative concepts for reducing costs together with your teams

  • Supporting during implementation

  • Preparing and conducting contract negotiations

Client exaple & result

For example, we analyzed the degree of maturity of procurement for production and of investment decisions for an international pharmaceutical company (sales> 3 billion euros). Then, within three months, we derived and coordinated measures to reduce costs by 5 million euros annually for the European plants.




Current situation

IT has become a decisive global competitive advantage. Therefore, the right selection of IT procurement markets, procurement channels, suppliers and the design of the supply relationship is a dominant success factor in almost all industries. As a key consequence, success and failure in IT sourcing crucially depend on the management of the contractually regulated business relationship. Thus, IT contract negotiations and contract management have become a key to success.

We support through

  • Checking your IT contracts and your potential to reduce costs

  • Introducing new impulses for large and long-term leverage and our experience

  • Developing new, intelligent and innovative concepts for reducing costs together with your teams

  • Supporting during implementation

  • Preparing and conducting contract negotiations.

Client example & result

For example, for a major international bank (total assets > 100 billion euros), we reduced the material costs by 25 million euros p.a. The key for success was our concept to focus on business-relevant KPIs in the collaboration with the IT outsourcing provider.

This Emarticon methodology, which we call intelligent IT contracts and efficient IT sourcing, follows some important rules in order to achieve a win-win situation for both sides of a contract. The effect: IT outsourcing and IT sourcing create more value and less frustration.

Merger & Acquisition

Merger & Acquistions


Current Siutation

Many mergers and acquisitions do not fail because of the basic strategy, but rather because of the operational implementation. For success, it is important to recognize the problems at key interfaces early, to find solutions that are viable in the long term and to guide the employees for their implementation as the situation requires.

We support through

  • Developing a long-term successful purchasing organization after a merger or acquisition

  • Developing strategies for make-or-buy decisions, outsourcing and shared services

  • Analysing the purchase contracts and software licenses of the newly created company and leverage synergies

  • Project management and interim management as part of the transaction and subsequent transformation

  • Supporting for reducing costs in the course of a merger or acquisition

Client example & result

For example, we supported leveraging cost synergies as part of a merger between two energy supply companies (sales> 20 billion euros each). We were able to find great savings potentials resulting from the alignment of different make-or-buy strategies.



Current situation

The minimum requirements for risk management (MaRisk) of BaFin and EBA must also be met when key activities are outsourced. The associated liability risk for management is often underestimated. It is therefore important to be clear about this and to react accordingly - for example by adapting contracts with external service providers and software manufacturers. Previous compliance checks in banks often did not include suppliers sufficiently - if at all. In addition, necessary measures are often not implemented.

We support through

  • Checking your compliance - including essential outsourcing

  • Tying the interface between internal and external lawyers, technical and commercial departments and management

  • Improving processes and tools

  • Supporting during implementation

  • Checking and making periodic adjustments

  • Preparing and conducting contract negotiations.

Client example & result

For example, we checked all contracts of a major international bank (total assets> 400 billion euros) with regard to MaRisk and - where necessary - renegotiated them. As a result, no findings were found in either internal or external audits. The advantage of our approach is that we establish an automated control process and consistently follow up measures. Thanks to our experience and operational implementation of such processes, our approach is practical.

BaFin SW-Lizenz



4bSoftware Entwicklung.jpeg

Current situation

When it comes to licensing software and market data, financial services companies in particular face high risks:

  • Liability risks for the management

In particular, the supervisory provisions of BaFin and EBA on significant outsourcing lead to the need for action in many purchasing organizations.

  • Cost and compliance risks for society

In the case of licensing that is not appropriate for use, payment claims exist, including retrospectively

  • Excessive costs

At the same time, the drafting of contracts is often not carried out according to true demand. This creates excessive costs.

We support through

  • Determing the technically existing true demand

  • Matching these needs with the existing contracts

  • Checking the contracts with regard to the provisions of BaFin and EBA

  • Preparing and conducting operational negotiations with external service providers

  • Developing concepts for process and tool optimization and accompanying implementation

Client example & result

For example, we have reviewed and renegotiated all license agreements (software, market data, rating agency services) of a major international bank (total assets> 400 billion euros) with regard to compliance with applicable rules. As a result, no findings were found in either internal or external audits, and overall a considerable reduction in costs was achieved.

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