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Emarticon® High-Achievement-Sourcing

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Our high-achievement sourcing concept includes a very comprehensive tool kit with analysis options for the success factors of the procurement function: procurement strategy, cost reduction concepts, negotiation methods, contract management, order processing and logistics, supplier management and development, information and performance management, e-procurement, continuous improvement and employee development. The methods anchored in our concept aim to achieve three essential pillars for the success of the procurement function: end-to-end strategies, intelligent contracts and good, smooth cooperation.
When applying the concept, you decide which area is in focus. Based on a maturity analysis, we can work with you and implement an optimization roadmap.

The concept was successfully used to optimize the factories of the pharmaceutical company STADA AG as well as at the Siemens AG.

Client benefit: increasing the performance of the purchasing function

Emarticon® Strategic Cost Reduction

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When achieving cost reductions Emarticon focuses on long-term savings, total cost of ownership and bottom-line EBIT effect. The most sustainable cost reductions are based on a good procurement strategy that weighs up opportunities and risks and creates a healthy balance in between them. We call this "Strategic Cost Reduction" and we have our own tool for this.
Our approach is based on several elements that are combined in a tailor-made manner for you. Target agreements and budget management are just as much a part of this as benchmarking and market observation. This is many times followed by tenders, but implementation is very often even more effective by optimizing supplier management instead. In the case of complex tenders, we understand them as a project, the success of which is not determined by the choice of the right project management software, but by understanding the situation of your company and comparing conflicting objectives.
The approach was decisive for the project success at Schölly Fiberoptic GmbH.
Client benefit: achieving significant, sustainable cost reductions

Efficient IT

Emarticon® Efficient IT-Sourcing

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IT has become the decisive, global competitive advantage. The right selection of IT procurement markets, procurement channels, suppliers and the design of the supply relationship is a dominant success factor in almost all industries. Success and failure in IT sourcing depend crucially on the management of the contractually regulated business relationship and thus on contract negotiation and contract management.
This is where Emarticon® Efficient IT Sourcing comes in. The concept optimises IT and IT-Sourcing along a few success-proven principles that are applied to contracts and processes based on a thorough analysis and a series of workshops and negotiations.

The concept was one of the cornerstones in the turn-arond of the HypoRealEstate.

Customer benefits: achieving cost-effective collaboration with IT suppliers while increasing the benefits of IT at the same time

Supplier Mgmt

Emarticon® Supplier Management Programme

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To remain competitive, your success factors such as product innovation, quality, service or reliability of supply must also be ensured by your suppliers. In this regard the Emarticon® Supplier & Partner Management & Development Programme is the key to success. The concept is the blueprint for the sustainable management of a complete supplier life cycle. The use of different sources of information is tailor-made for your company and can include personal supplier audits as well as the use of AI.

The program was successfully used, for example, for the selection of ODM suppliers for Siemens as well as in due diligence projects as part of company acquisitions.

Client benefit: ensuring the best possible use of the procurement market and improving the performance of your company's suppliers

Func Strategy

Emarticon® Functional Strategy Concept

Emarticon Functional Strategy.jpg

Companies in almost all industries are facing far-reaching changes. Digitization and permanent changes in global procurement markets are the drivers. At the same time, this trend offers tremendous opportunities to gain competitive advantages.

In particular, the enormous speed of technological change means that any leading company can only maintain its position by making adequate use of the procurement markets. An adequate strategic make-buy-decision is just one example. The corporate function of procurement thus becomes a success factor. An adequate functional strategy becomes the basis. Based on the goals of your company and the goals of the corporate function purchasing, we work out this functional strategy together with you.
Based on the workshop, we coordinate with your company's stakeholders the most suitable direction for your success. The main topics are e.g. Goals and methods of cost management, the efficiency and effectiveness of your procurement processes, the satisfaction of internal customers and an adequate management of opportunities and risks. We use our insights from project work in different industries and combine these empirical values ​​for your benefit.
Then we support you with the implementation through active change management.

The concept was the guideline for the reorganization of procurement function at ppb Deutsche Pfandbriefbank AG during the turn-around of the HypoRealEstate AG.

Customer benefit: Establishing the purchasing function as a success factor for your company

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